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New York Label & Box Works Steps Up Its Quality Program

By Elizabeth Anselmo on May 01, 2007

New York Label & Box Works, industry leading flexographic label and folding carton company, has brought in Deming-based consultant, Kelly Allan and his team to insure continued customer and employee satisfaction as well as foster positive results for the company as a whole. Kelly Allan, whose client base also includes successful car manufacturer Toyota, has studied the philosophy of Dr. Deming in detail and found it to be quite effective in improving company performance and driving desirable results. It is not uncommon to hear Dr. W. Edwards Deming referred to as “The Father of the Quality Revolution,” for the lasting lessons he developed when he revolutionized the manufacturing industry in post-war Japan.

Through its 129-year history, New York Label has evolved to stay current in an ever-changing marketplace. With any advancement, there comes a point where a company must decide what to bring forward and what to leave behind. Relying on positive results of comprehensive research, the growing Quality Team at New York Label has decided to carry forward the Deming philosophy it has referenced for a number of years. With the guidance of Kelly Allan’s team, New York Label hopes to continue to improve quality and production, and continue to provide and improve upon its great customer service.

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