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New York Label Reports the Installation Of Second Kodak Approval System

By Web Administrator on March 01, 1998

New York Label (Englewood, NJ) a 120-year-old supplier of pressure-sensitive labels to the New York Metro area, reports the installation of its second Kodak Approval System for the purpose of improving turnaround on four-color process printed labels. According to the Islandia, NY-based trade manufacturer, the new proofing system enables New York Label to proof files digitally within hours of receipt of electronic artwork, and send to the customer overnight. Because an additional copy of the contract proof is kept for production, approval can be given by telephone, eliminating the necessity of sending a job back and forth. Most label jobs can be printed and delivered in under five days, the manufacturer claims.

"We used to image film, send it out, and wait for a matchprint," states Steven Haedrich, company president. "We'd send it to the customer and wait for it to be sent back approved, then output a new set of distorted film for production. Now, he adds, "duplicate proofs can be made digitally within hours," resulting in more efficient manufacturing and lower pricing.

According to Christopher Freddo, New York Label's vice president, the company's addition of a second Kodak Approval System was prompted by the growing demand for four-color flexographic labels in more sophisticated applications than bar codes and price stickers alone. "People used to consider flexo a rubber stamp printing method," he states, "but with the help of advanced technology we're able to print labels up to 200-line screen and you couldn't tell the difference between our labels and those of offset lithography. In fact, says Mr. Freddo, "lower costs and reduced setup time are two reasons many offset printers may find it more profitable to broker out such work, rather than produce it themselves."

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