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Label of Success

By Web Administrator on May 01, 1998

Flexo, the trade's leading magazine, highlights New York Label's success in a six-page feature article entitled "Label of Success."

The article illustrates how the company's unique business philosophy, efficient systems and process optimization have fueled their extraordinary growth. "From design, prepress and printing this company is an ideal one-stop-shop."

Especially noteworthy is how through these systems, New York Label's four-color process market share has increased by over 600% in two years. The article explains how they can turn these orders into printed products within just three to five days. That's pretty impressive, since the industry average is two to three weeks.

You're mistaken if you think the quality suffers. In fact, the main focus of their efforts is improved quality. As it turns out, this allows them to be more efficient and deliver a premium product of up to 200-line screen, rivaling that of offset.

The article asks how it is possible for the company to successfully transform itself into an industry leader in such a short period of time. The answer, says New York Label President Steven Haedrich, is, "Invest . . . in people, technology, education, and always anticipate your customers' needs. We have a quality program that focuses on the customer and efficient systems, not just on numbers."

"We are extremely proud of the customer-focused company that we have built here," states New York Label Vice President Christopher Freddo. "It is very rewarding when we're recognized for it, especially to be featured in Flexo's 40th anniversary issue." 

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