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Unlocking Your Potential

By Chris Freddo on June 21, 2007

Current economic conditions and the implications of 9/11 have combined to create a pessimistic business climate in many areas of the printing industry, at least in the short term. Such a climate breeds considerable uncertainty and anxiety regarding a business’s future growth and success. During the past few years, the printing industry has experienced difficult times. Overseas competition, rising production costs, and over-capacity are just some of the challenges facing the industry today. How should we react when facing these pressures and negativity? Learning to handle defeat and set back is a key factor in the success of your career. The question is, why do some people give up when they have a set-back, while others keep positive and work through it? Why do some people remain successful in difficult times, while others are not?

Most people start out in life with talents and abilities that are just average. Most, who achieve great success in some field, do it by developing their nature talents and abilities to a very high degree in a special area of interest. To get something great out of ourselves, we must work on our special talent or interest.

A person with average inborn attributes and average acquired attributes can still perform at a higher level if they have a very positive mental attitude. What is a positive mental attitude? It is a way of responding to life.

You can tell the type of attitude you have by observing how you react when things go wrong. Your attitude is determined by your expectations. If you expect things to go well, you will have a positive attitude. If you believe something positive is going to happen today, your attitude will be positive and optimistic. You will be primed for success.

There is a direct relationship between your self-concept and your level of effectiveness. Our self-concept is made up of three parts. The first is your self-ideal. The description of the person you would most like to be. This is made up of all the qualities you like and admire in yourself and other people. High performing men and women have very clear self-ideals toward which they are striving.

The second part of self-concept is your self-image. Self-image is the way you see yourself in your minds eye, and the way you think of yourself minute by minute.
The third part of self-concept is self-esteem. This is how you feel about yourself. It is the foundation quality of high performance and personal effectiveness. Your level of self-esteem is determined by how valuable and competent you feel.

While current economic conditions and implications of 9/11 have combined to create pessimism in the printing industry, how we react can greatly affect the outcome. Will you be positive and take responsibility during tough times or will you cave into challenges? The choice is yours.

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