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New York Label & Box Works, Packaging Company, Announces Resealable Labels!

By Elizabeth Anselmo on August 15, 2007

Islandia, NY, August 2007- New York Label & Box Works, leader in high quality, narrow web, flexographic label printing & offset folding carton printing, is excited to announce its new & improved Resealable Labels. The top layer of a resealable label can be peeled back to reveal content on two inside panels, and then resealed for future reference, thus yielding up to 200% additional print area within the same dimensions.

In its rich 129-year history, New York Label & Box Works has discovered that its secret to lasting success is to not only provide world-class customer service and advance technologically with the industry, but to also be responsive to shifts in market demand. With a growing global economy that compels brands to advertise in several different languages while still adhering to stringent FDA requirements, today’s cosmetic company requires more printable area on its labels without the hassle of increasing the size of its product. Enter New York Label & Box Works’ Resealable label.

New York Label & Box Works’ research and development team invested nearly a year in the creation of its resealable label. The team tested various inks, stocks, adhesives, and release coatings before arriving at the current construction. New York Label & Box Works maintains that this effort has enabled them to produce the most high quality, efficient, and durable product with a special adhesive between the top and inside panels that permits both easy peel away to open and strong enough adherence to close and remain sealed after multiple references to inside copy. Due to the unique composition of this particular resealable, New York Label & Box Works is currently partnering to obtain a patent with its global paper supplier, UPM Raflatac.

In addition to the reasealable labels, an exceptional offering of New York Label & Box Works is the label and folding carton combination. Drawing from the same state-of-the-art prepress department and digital direct-to-plate technology, this company provides labels and folding cartons that match with accurate repeatability. New York Label & Box Works is headquartered in Islandia, NY with an additional label division in S. Hackensack, NJ, a folding carton division in Ronkonkoma, NY, and a design branch out of Manhattan. For additional information, visit or contact Liz Anselmo in the Islandia office. Obtain samples and learn more at Booth #1570 at the HBA Global Expo.

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