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HBA Global Expo: A Successful Event for New York Label & Box Works

By Elizabeth Anselmo on October 12, 2007

This year, New York Label & Box Works was able to effectively showcase and demonstrate the remarkable release, seal and printing of its new Resealable Label. The top layer of a resealable label can be peeled back to reveal additional content printed inside, and then resealed for future reference.  This product proved timely at the show, as the health and beauty sector is experiencing an ever-increasing push to market in many different languages, while still observing stringent governmental requirements to include specific regulatory copy. An official statement released by New York Label & Box Works illuminates its enthusiasm regarding its reception at the show, “We are very pleased with the degree of quality attention our new resealable labels received…We connected with several quality leads, and look forward to continued success from this participation.”Another timely solution that New York Label & Box Works enthusiastically promoted at the show was its folding carton and label combination.  Because the company prints both folding cartons and labels, and draws from communicating prepress technology and staff to prepare the files for print, a unique offering of this company is folding cartons and labels that match.  This seemingly simple idea can be difficult to achieve when purchasing these printed materials from separate vendors. Submitted by Elizabeth Anselmo, Sales Training & Development, New York Label & Box Works.  Elizabeth can be contacted at

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