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New York Label Attracts Crowds at EastPack Expo

By Web Administrator on June 17, 2011

“Brand Remedies” Promotional Product Continues Tradition of Innovation

Islandia, New York — One of the highlights of the EastPack trade show held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center June 7-9 was the participation by New York Label & Box Works™. The premier packaging company offered a “Brand Remedies” promotional product to attendees, attracting a great deal of attention. Featuring original artwork and copy that simulates a 19th century style, the promo has a 21st century twist, replete with QR code and high-tech labels.

The graphics on the outer folding carton are blue and gold on a white surface, with a profusion of hand-illustrated flowers and retro banners and scrolls. The “Brand Remedies” headline, set against a mortar and pestle graphic, sets the tone for the copy, which is evocative of old-fashioned apothecary products. The labels affixed to the cobalt blue bottle inside represent the specialty services New York Label provides. The multifold label on the cap shows how extended content can be managed within a compact area. An elegant rotary screen label demonstrates the kind of high-end service for which the company has become renowned over the course of its 130-year-plus history. Similarly, the resealable label on the opposite side of the bottle illustrates how New York Label has continued to innovate while staying true to its core standards.

“Apply directly to your product and watch your sales grow!” is prompted within one of the banners, replicating the advertising style that was popular when New York Label was founded in 1878. Elsewhere, customers are urged to improve their brands' “complexion” with a formula that is “efficacious in curing chronic sales and marketing fatigue.” The convincingly vintage effect of the promo is complemented by a QR code on the bottom of the carton, blending tradition and the latest technological advances.

Traffic at the New York Label booth at the EastPack expo was brisk, with many attendees lingering to discuss the wide array of what the promo text refers to as an “unsurpassed blend of packaging services and technologies” offered to manufacturers. Samples of the company's many products included piggyback, booklet and coupon labels, films and foil stamping. To learn more about New York Label's specialty services, visit or call (800) 257-2300.

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