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New Multi-Seal Extended Content Label

By Elizabeth Anselmo on April 02, 2007

New York Label Box Works is a dynamic label, tag, and box printing company, boasting an over-a-century-long history. Aged, but not a dinosaur, New York Label discovered many years ago that longevity in any industry is a challenge demanding constant evolution and growth, two characteristics that require an efficient, knowledgeable and creative group of employees. The New York Label & Box Works team is a group of over 80 individuals fitting this description, and committed to a common goal: delighting the customer. As Steven Haedrich, third-generation president of New York Label, recollected at a recent company luncheon, "My father hit the nail on the head when he told me, 'The customer is the most important element of the equation.'" Drawing from this successful school of thought, New York Label keeps customer needs in the foreground of all company decisions.

One method of delighting the customer that has yielded motivating results is New York Label's dedication to evolving technologically with the industry. Through steady investments in state-of-the-art equipment and continual research and development, New York Label has remained, throughout the years, current and able to deliver new and custom high-quality products to its valued customers. Coupled with this devotion to development, New York Label's customer-centric attitude takes an "ear to the pavement" approach, always receptive and sensitive to customer needs to steer the direction of its research.

Technological advances have not only allowed New York Label to grow and serve; on a global scale, advances in technology have fostered business growth around the world. More and more frequently, companies are expanding their target markets to span several countries and ethnicities, translating to a growing necessity for multi-lingual packaging. In addition, governmental labeling requirements have also left marketers with an overwhelming task of somehow squeezing more information onto a printed piece than both aesthetics and dimensions allow for.

Enter extended content labels. These multi-seal, multi-paneled labels allow for overflowing information to be printed on the inside of a label, giving the consumer the ability to easily access inside panel information and reseal for future reference. In typical New York Label fashion, the company rose to the occasion to develop and produce this highly coveted product.

New York label was well versed in multi-seal technology when approached by a long-time client inquiring about fitting additional information on a fixed sized label. This client had a responsibility to provide its consumers with required FDA information and desired also to add multilingual information to its labels as an expanding market called for it; however, the given size of their labels did not physically permit this.

Having already been producing multi-seal labels for a number of years at this point, New York Label was not only able to suggest a simple and appealing solution, its savvy Research and Development team was able to custom tailor the labels to fit the client's specific adhesive and construction parameters.

It was a win-win situation for client and vendor, a situation familiar to clients of New York Label who have grown to rely on New York Label?s innovative team to help make their projects work.

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