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New York Label Fairs Well at Golf Outing

Written by Elizabeth Anselmo on August 01, 2007.

Clients, vendors, and staff united for New York Label's fourth annual golf outing at the Hamlet Wind Watch Golf and Country Club in Hauppauge last week. "Relationships are very important in business today. It is great to get everybody together for an enjoyable day," said Chris Freddo, vice president of New York Label. Sponsors of the event included: Kodak, Robert Eckhardt & Co. Accountants, DuPont, Pitman, Mactac, Graphic Paper, Cook, Hall, & Hyde, Avery Dennison/Fasson, and Raflatac/UPM. "I'm proud to be associated with a company that is not only a leader in its field, but so obvio

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Anatomy of a Label

Written by Chris Freddo on July 31, 2007.

Flexography is the preferred method for producing pressure-sensitive labels. The process consists of a series of operations designed to apply a variety of coatings to a continuous moving web or roll of material. The final construction will be made up of a minimum of two or as many as four separate layers that are laminated together.

Pressure-Sensitive Sandwich

The pressure-sensitive product derives its name from the way the adhesive works. Unlike other types of adhesives that form a body with the surface they are applied to through evaporating or absorbing a sol

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Unlocking Your Potential

Written by Chris Freddo on June 21, 2007.

Current economic conditions and the implications of 9/11 have combined to create a pessimistic business climate in many areas of the printing industry, at least in the short term. Such a climate breeds considerable uncertainty and anxiety regarding a business’s future growth and success. During the past few years, the printing industry has experienced difficult times. Overseas competition, rising production costs, and over-capacity are just some of the challenges facing the industry today. How should we react when facing these pressures and negativity? Learning to handle defeat and se

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