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Single Ply Resealable Extended Content Labels (ECL)

If your label needs to comply with FDA regulations for SPF products, satisfy multi-lingual requirements, contain additional supplemental facts, or you just want to further engage the consumer with extended product information, the New York Label & Box Works Single-ply resealable label is perfect for you.

It is an extended content label (ECL) that you easily peel back to reveal additional content and reseal back onto the primary package. Use it when you need to fit additional content, but don't want to add an extra layer of material. The additional text or art is printed on the bottom panel (adhesive side) of the pressure-sensitive label. The label is prevented from coming fully off of the product by a using strong adhesive "hinge" on one end of the label.

Great for:

If you need to add even more content, please check out our full line of extended content labels that includes our multifold-booklet labels (up to 15 expanding panels), mini-booklet labels (as small as .625" diameter and up to 9 expanding panels), 2-ply and 3-ply resealable labels, tube resealable labels, IRC's and the newest member of our extended content product line, the "tabbed resealable" label which has five panels for copy and convenient lift tabs.

Image: Single Ply Resealable Extended Content Labels (ECL)

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