New York Label & Box Works Goes Green & Lean with a Smarter Facility!

To provide you with premium packaging that is produced more efficiently and leaves a smaller footprint on the environment, New York Label & Box Works has redesigned our entire facility for reduced waste, increased productivity and future sustainability. At the heart of this facility is our Electronic Kanban Scheduling System.

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A Close-up of Waste Reduction

Because our plates are automatically nested for output on our new Hybrid direct-to-plate system, photopolymer plate material waste is minimal. These printing plates are mounted accurately under high-magnification with a viewing console that nearly eliminates any need to remount and waste sticky-back material.

Reuse and Retool

Our tooling department has begun the transformation from rotary cutting-dies to magnetic cutting-dies that mount on reusable, adaptable cylinders. This is not only more cost-effective, but it substantially reduces the amount of metal used to manufacture the actual cutting-die. At the end of each run, the die is checked and “retooled” if necessary. This system reduces energy use and raw materials, and eliminates the risk of a future order delay.

Think Simpler. Schedule Smarter.

In a typical workflow, raw materials are gathered in a series of time-consuming, linear steps that are inefficient, unpredictable and produce unnecessary waste. Our electronic Kanban system reorganizes these steps and consolidates them into one, highly efficient, simultaneous workflow. Kanbans are issued electronically to the support departments, and only after materials are tracked out of inventory and delivered to the press is an order is released to print. By proactively delivering materials to the press, each department gains the advantage of controlling waste more effectively.

Roll-to-Roll Savings

Efficient scheduling translates into a highly controlled substrate inventory. Upon receiving a Kanban from the scheduling department, substrates are selected out of inventory and delivered to the press. Any excess rolls from previous orders are used as start-up rolls for new orders.

Recycle and Mix with Precision

With color management software, an ink that is matched to a standard color guide, or to your custom specifications, can be automatically dispensed at the touch of a button; however, it is not always necessary to dispense a new ink for every order. Our ink management software reviews existing inventory and suggests how requested inks can be created from what is currently on the shelf. All inks are confirmed before leaving the ink room by a calibrated hand proofer. This reduces waste that could amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of feet of wasted substrate for each order.